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Art Meets Time

Hublot’s partnership with visual artist Richard Orlinski has yielded a collection of watches that are exceptional in their sense of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

For an endeavour to be truly classified as a collaborative effort, there must be a union of two distinct identities to create an equally compelling and distinct third entity. That is perhaps the reason why true collaborations are a rarity and that is why Hublot’s partnership with visual artist Richard Orlinski ought to be celebrated.

It is a partnership that was always meant to be because Hublot and Orlinski come from the same creative universe. The fascination with colours and matters, the interplay of transparency and light and the sheer force of their inventiveness make the watch brand and the contemporary sculptor excellent partners and Hublot’s new collection shines with their combined innovation.

The Classic Fusion Aerofusion
Chronograph Orlinski is a classic case in point. Created in titanium and ceramic blue, each of which will be issued as limited edition pieces of 200 each, this work of art features a dial that has been cast in sapphire crystal while the case, crown, bezel and push buttons are adorned with Orlinski’s iconic facets.
Those familiar with Richard Orlinski’s artistic world would know that the sculptor creates brightly coloured, pop-art style multi-faceted beasts. His Wild Kong gorilla sculpture on the Croisette in Cannes and the crocodiles in Miami’s design district have made the Frenchman one of the most recognised artists in the world. The Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph is adorned with these facets, which makes it akin to wearing art on the wrist.
In fact, Orlinski’s futuristic vision presented somewhat of a challenge for the Hublot Manufacture. A three- dimensional fold in the case had to be modelled before it was cut from ceramic and titanium. It was then given one of Orlinski’s signature effects–mirror polishing.

The Classic Fusion Chronograph
Orlinski cuts an even more dramatic figure because of the vivid shade of red ceramic that becomes one of the watch’s most captivating visual highpoints. This red evokes Orlinski’s first Born Wild Crocodile sculpture. The result of highly skilled research and development by Hublot’s Research and Development department and the Metallurgy and Materials laboratory, the red ceramic is Hublot’s innovative tour-de-force and is covered by several patents. It creates an unforgettable visual impact.

The partnership of Hublot and Orlinski also provides the Classic Fusion Tourbillon 5-Day Power Reserve Orlinski with its technological and aesthetic ascendancy. Orlinski’s animal icons are faceted onto the diameter case in sapphire and the ultra-modern open-work architecture creates a skeletonised effect which displays the gears and the tourbillion cage. The watch is limited to only 30 pieces and has been issued in three variants with Orlinski’s King Gold, Black Magic and animal icons differentiating the three watches.

“The fusion of our two universes – that of Hublot who takes precious materials to create exceptional products and my own bright world of colour inspired by Pop Art – came about quite spontaneously, almost naturally,” says Orlinski about his collaboration with Hublot. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO, Hublot describes it as, “Original, bold, intriguing.”

It is a perfect summation.



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