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Honeymooner's Guide To The World's Most Enchanting Destinations Around The World
Honeymooner's Guide To The...

Honeymooner's Guide To The World's Most Enchanting Destinations Around The World

The perfect pause between the giddy excitement of the wedding ceremony and the beginning of a new life as a married couple, the honeymoon is a time to experience the magic of a relationship

There is no doubt about it–a wedding ceremony is definitely a magical time for the happy couple and everyone in their circle of love and good vibes. It is the actualisation of a fairy tale that sweeps the bride and the groom in a whirlwind of romance and marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Surrounded by family and friends the young couple takes a series of steps in the formalisation of their wedding before riding off into the sunset. The honeymoon, as this period of post-wedding relaxation is referred to, is an idyllic time where the bride and the groom get to know each other before starting life as a married couple. Everything about a honeymoon spot therefore, should be nothing short of perfect. It is the backdrop of a wondrous phase of life and accordingly, should be breathtakingly enchanting.



The gorgeous tapestry of colours welcomes you long before you actually set foot on this island. Sparkling blue waters, sugary white sands and a lush cover of green, Pamalican Island takes exclusivity to a new level. Accessible only by private aircraft, Pamalican Island lies in the northern part of the Palawan Province of the Philippines. It is set in the middle of a seven square kilometre coral reef and allows for a large number of activities which include coral viewing and swimming with large turtles. The Aman Resort on the Pamalican is regularly nominated as one of the best island resorts in the world and its atmosphere of quiet luxury surrounded by picture perfect natural beauty more than justifies its stature.



Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, which is also referred to as Pana is a city that charms with the impressive views it offers. Standing here, one can look at the spectacular San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlan volcanoes. The weather is tranquil all year round and the waters here are calm and smooth to the point that it feels like rowing on a river of glass. A boat ride through the different municipalities of San Lucan Toliman, San Antonio Palopo and San Pedro La Laguna is a great way to spend the
day because the people of Panjachel are very cordial and welcoming. Soak in some culture on Santander Street which exhibits a wide variety of handicrafts and restaurants where you could gorge on some delectable local cuisine. A thoroughly charming city.



The name Kepulauan Seribu literally translates as The Thousand Islands and is the name given to a group of beautiful islands in the Bay of Jakarta. This island cluster forms a fabulous nautical getaway with islands located at a distance of 30 minutes to a three hour boat ride from the north coast of Jakarta. Each of these islands boasts a unique attraction with the marvellous Fort Martello on Pulau Bidadri as a perfect starting point. Ringed by aromatic fruit-bearing trees, this 17th century fort is very picturesque and the fine powdery sand around it is great for walking bare feet. Further ahead, Pulau Tidung features the famous Love Bridge, an 800-metre link which connects the small Tidung Island with the bigger one. Colourful fish, coral reefs and a natural reserve for greenback turtles are the highpoints of Pulau Pramuka which is a perfect spot to sit together and gaze at the setting sun.



This is a place tailor-made for active honeymooners. Chile has bagged the title of South America’s most adventurous tourism destination two years in a row and Pucon is one of the key reasons that have helped it achieve this distinction. Take the Parque Nacional Huerquehue, an area dotted with groves of Araucaria trees and lakes that dapple in the sunlight. This park features a series of trails that take hikers through breathtaking landscapes including fabulous views of Volcan Villarrica, which created headlines when it erupted in 2015. For people that love high-adrenalin water sports, the Rio Trancura offers a comprehensive white water rafting experience with rapids that go from grade III all the way to grade VI. The onset of winter transforms Volcan Villarrica into one of Chile’s top-rated skiing centres with 20 runs for people of varying skiing skills and mesmerising views of the surrounding countryside.



A Union Territory of India, the beauty of Lakshadweep has to be experienced to be believed. 400 kilometres off India’s west coast, this group of islands lies in the Arabian Sea and they offer a bouquet of experiences guaranteed to delight the heart of anyone who arrives here. Surrounded by a dense cover of coconut trees, these islands are serene where waters range from aquamarine and turquoise to deep sapphire and lapis lazuli. There are some islands that have been developed as diving and water sport spots but most places in Lakshadweep have remained very close to nature with minimal influence from the outside world. The beaches are pristine and ideal for long walks along the shoreline.



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