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Ranveer Singh: 'Yes, In A Way, I Am Complicated'

B-Town star Ranveer Singh talks to Outlook Splurge about his new role as the Brand Master for Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller for India.

It is hard keeping pace with Ranveer Singh. Well, ’coz he is Ranveer Singh, and his energy, enthusiasm, and crazy are the stuff of legend now. The day we meet him, he is dressed in a Sahil Aneja grey houndstooth suit with a neon green overcoat, and walks into the room, with a gait only he can match (to the beats of music), ready to take on the day in his new role as the brand master of Swiss watch brand – Franck Muller. As we settle down, I can’t help admiring the piece of beauty on his wrist, the Franck Muller Croco, complementing his attire beautifully. Soon, we get down to discussing luxury, watches, and more. Excerpts from the chat: 

What exactly does time and luxury mean to you, and how has it evolved over the years? 
Time is everything. At the same time, time is nothing. Time and space are actually existential concepts that govern all our lives. So, it might be too complicated an answer for me to offer. At heart, I am a fakir artiste really, who needs a little sunshine and good music to get going. However, I must admit that with time, I have come to appreciate the finer things in life. For instance, a glass of wine, a good one at that, is an indulgence, I truly enjoy. I am fairly new to the world of luxury, but yes, I believe if you work hard, you deserve to experience the finer things in life, a good watch being one of them. For now, maybe, I would like to get the luxury of some downtime with my gorgeous wife (Deepika Padukone). The luxury of time has come to be real luxury to me right now.  

Now, that you are brand ambassador to one of the biggest watchmakers in the world, what does a watch mean to you? 
I have never ever quite subscribed to the idea of less is more. For me, less is less, and more is more. A lot of people are minimalists, I oscillate between maximalism and minimalism myself, it is just that the maximalist side of mine is slightly stronger than the minimalist side, as commonly perceived. So, when I am wearing a piece of jewellery, a watch for instance, I get enamoured by the fact that with multiple complications and movements, it is actually a piece of art sitting on your wrist. Being able to carry that piece of art on my art makes me feel like a million bucks. 

Franck Muller is known to be the ‘Master of Complications’. If you were to give yourself a tagline, what would it be and why?
I am an artiste, I like to be valuable. I like to be like water, that flows. So, if I had a tagline (I have actually thought about this because I have been asked this before), I think it would be ‘Ranveer Singh: Whatever you want me to be.’ I can’t be one thing, I am many different things; so, yes, in a way, I am complicated.

Now, that resonates perfectly with Franck Muller. Tell me, what made you say yes to being the face of Franck Muller in India?
It is a dream come true actually. Growing up, I have always wanted to be like my dad, he was my idol, and I wanted do everything the way he did. Now, he was someone who was really into watches, because a watch is a man’s main piece of jewellery, as it was for him. For him, it was always about the one watch that he was wearing. So, I have grown up with that kind of an approach to watches really. Somewhere along the way, I also remember my mother expressing a desire to own a Franck Muller, and that too has stayed with me. It was the one thing she aspired to have, and I was convinced I had to get her one anyhow. Only, now, I have been able to take it a step further, as the brand ambassador of the brand. It is truly an emotional as well as a very proud moment for me. When the association happened, I couldn’t wait to tell my mum, and now that it has been announced to the world, there is an immense sense of achievement. Because in the world of horology, Franck Muller doesn’t really need an introduction, considering the level of excellence achieved. In my craft too, I want to be able to achieve the same levels of perfection, and hence the values of the brand resonate deeply with me. The campaign we have created together is striking. Shot by Rid Burman, it is nothing like I have done in a long time, or maybe, ever!  

Finally, when buying a watch, what are the most essential factors that should influence your purchase decision?
To be honest, I have never had to buy a watch till date. I have always been gifted watches, the last interestingly being a Franck Muller Vanguard that Rohit (Shetty) gifted me last year, while shooting for Simbaa. If I were buying one, my foremost criterion would be to see whether the watch I was putting my money qualified to be a lifetime purchase or not. Consider the design element, appreciate the craftsmanship, the size; once you are convinced, ask yourself if it looks like an investment you are making. If your answer is in the yes, the watch is yours. 


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