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Rhea Kapoor: There Should Be No Rules In Fashion

She makes statements with her style and sophistication and now Rhea Kapoor is diversifying into film and television production and jewellery design.

You mentioned some time ago that you were working on two shows. How have they progressed?
I’m working on one show and three films. They are progressing well. You will hear more on them soon.

How has your journey as a producer been so far?
I’ve enjoyed it. I want to tell a lot of stories and I feel I have just started.

What can the world of fashion expect from Rheson this year?
There’s a lot happening at Rheson, many changes. We will be launching a new collection this year which will be the best so far. So yeah, there are many changes and very exciting things.

A lot has been written about your personal style. How would you describe your fashion sense?
I’m in my 30’s now and I feel more like myself than ever before. It’s sexy. My personal philosophy is to style jeans like a gown and gown like jeans. That’s how I dress. I would style jewellery with street wear and a gown with more understated but elegant statement pieces. Zoya has a lot of those in its Hollywood inspired collection. Just have fun with it you know, don’t take it too seriously.

Did you ever get a style tip from your father?
No, he just gives me suggestions when I wear something. I feel that since I have come into his life, he has become stylish!

How important are accessories when it comes putting a look together?
Anything that infuses your personality into what you wear and how you present yourself is really important because nobody should blend in or fit in. A lot of the things that I particularly like about Zoya’s collections is that they have delicate jewellery which has character but at the same time you can make it your own, and that’s what all accessories should be like.

Has the role of jewellery changed over the years in terms of formal and casual statements?
Yes. With contemporary designs there’s a lot of versatility in how you can use a piece. For Zoya’s Style Digest 2.0 for instance, which will be on Instagram soon, we’ve used a beautiful, geometric piece from Zoya’s Inheritance collection paired with a modern Indian look. It’s quite interesting.

Does gold continue to be the firmfavourite when it comes to jewellery?
Gold is my favourite when it comes to jewellery. (Jokes: Cause I am secretly into hip hop culture!)But I also love emeralds. They go beautifully with Indian skin and are very glamourous.

Will we see you diversifying into jewellery design?
Why not? Of course.

Do you think rules in fashion exist to be broken?
There should be no rules in fashion.

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