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'Bespoke experiences are something that modern luxury consumers have come to expect': Vinti Lodha

In what is exciting news for fashion aficionados, Lodha Luxury unveiled its Private Members’ Club with an exclusive showcase of Balmain’s Spring Summer 2020 collection. On the occasion, Outlook Splurge caught up with luxury advisor Vinti Lodha to learn more about the collaboration, and how the definition of luxury has changed over the years.

Please tell us a little more about why you collaborated with Balmain? What was the idea behind it?
The occasion for this particular collaboration was the official and grand opening of Lodha Luxury exclusive members’-only club at the iconic World Tower–Club Saint Amand. This is a physical space that represents the bringing together of like-minded people and unrestricted access to a life of luxury! When deciding to collaborate with a brand, we ask ourselves two questions: is the brand of a similar stature, and will the experience that comes out of the collaboration be attractive to our unique set of consumers? In the case of Balmain, the answer to both questions were a resounding yes! The sneak preview of Balmain’s latest collection seemed like a fitting spectacular showcase to celebrate an iconic moment for Lodha Luxury. 

As a luxury advisor, what does luxury mean to you? 
There are several components to luxury which are continuously evolving. Luxury to me is not just about heritage or legacy, it is about what reflects my individuality and unique personality. It’s all about personalization, exclusivity and having unparalleled access to curated experiences. This is exactly what we try to exude through Lodha Luxury, breathtaking properties made for the elite, rare experiences with an exclusive guest list, and personalized service through our in-house hospitality team – Saint Amand.

How has the definition of luxury and the market for it changed over the years?
Luxury meant more of a tangible inheritance while today it is no longer the privilege of the few who were born into wealth. There is now a larger consumer base, which has the money to splurge but wants a real value proposition. More and more well-travelled consumers, coupled with a young population with growing disposable incomes, spells good news for luxury brands like Lodha Luxury in the country. The spending capacity of people in India has grown at a tremendous rate and every consumer is looking for authentic products and amazing experiences.

Bespoke experiences are something that modern luxury consumers have come to expect, and Lodha Luxury has taken this to newer heights with this exclusive experience at the launch of Club Saint Amand. I also believe that as the market matures over time, the profile of the luxury consumer will change; it keeps evolving as a new wave of consumers keep coming in. Brands must evolve with the consumers to stay relevant and trendy. We live in a digital era where our lives have exacerbated these changes over the past decade.

If you were to describe fashion in a sentence, what would you say?
Fashion is your sense of style , something that’s unique to you & your personality . It’s something you feel comfortable yet stylish in

Is there a personal favourite you have in your collection?
I love my collection of Indian designers as much as western designers. There is no one outfit which is a favourite, I love changing trends. There is a jacket from Alexander McQueen that is my absolute favourite.

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